Identity Theft Protection

ID Theft Smart: The smart choice for safeguarding your identity!

Now, Safeguarding your identity just got Simple too!

PROTECTION • Immediate and direct access

Icon1• Consultation on best practices for managing Personal Identifying Information (PII)
• Provide safety guidelines for communicating and interacting online
• Provide cardholders information about their rights under federal and state laws
• Consult on best practices for consumer privacy
• Access to a personal advocate if identity theft occurs

DETECTION • Analyze, Consult, Repair


• Provide an action plan when information has been compromised
• Help interpreting and analyzing credit report
• Fraud alert assistance Credit freeze consultation
• Provide personal assistance when suspicious issues extend beyond initial findings


RESTORATION • Resolve and restore


• Confirm identity fraud and identify its nature and scope
• Assist in obtaining a police report
• Provide tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
• Work on behalf of cardholders until all identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
• Place seven year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies
when applicable


We’ve partnered with Kroll Advisory Solutions, who is the global leader in risk mitigation and ID restoration with 40 years of experience. They have offices in 29 cities across 17 countries.

In a market overflowing with solutions that focus on credit and promote self-help. Kroll’s licensed private investigators simply do more! 

Members who are victimized by an identity thief benefit from Kroll’s comprehensive restoration services. Restoration includes investigation of emergent and potentially complicated trails of fraudulent activity; making phone calls; issuing fraud alerts; interacting with affected financial institutions; and preparing appropriate documentation. One-on-one counseling and advocacy on behalf of the member not only resolves known issues, but can also proactively identify and resolve previously unknown identity theft events.

After consultation with a Kroll Investigator confirms an identity theft issue, a fraud packet (provided by the Kroll Investigator) must be completed and submitted to Kroll by the member. Then the dedicated investigator takes on the bulk of the work to restore the member’s identity, serving as the member’s advocate while utilizing expertise in interacting with credit bureaus, creditors, and/or collection agencies as well as to conduct fraud research that is not related to credit.
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