March Forward

MarchForward“MARCH FORWARD” is our continuing effort to meet your banking needs now and into the future. Cincinnatus Savings and Loan is upgrading our core data processing platform.

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, March 26, 2018 we will be implementing a new, state-of-the-art computer processing system through a partnership with Fiserv, Inc.

Fiserv, a leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry, is driving innovation in payments, processing services, and risk and compliance. The conversion allows Cincinnatus to March Forward with access to the most recent integrated financial technologies available today.


ImportantDatesFriday, March 23, 2018 
• All branches will be open regular hours
• Online and Mobile Banking, including all online services, such as: Billpay, e-alerts,  e-statements will be unavailable until Monday, March 26, 2018
• Telephone banking will be unavailable.

Saturday, March 24, 2018 and Sunday March 25, 2018
• All branches will be closed as we work to complete the conversion.
• Online and Mobile Banking, which includes all online services, will remain unavailable.
• Telephone Banking will be unavailable.

Monday March 26, 2018
• We will open and resume normal business hours, 8:30am – 5:30pm.
• Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking will resume


Account Numbers
• Account numbers will remain the same.
• Your Checking, Savings, Certificate and Loan account numbers will not change. You will be able to use your  existing checks and ATM and debit cards (PINs will not change).

ATM Cards and Debit Cards
• ATM and debit cards will not be reissued, they will continue to work. PINs will remain the same. During  conversion weekend, ATM balance inquiries and account transfers will not be available. Complete functionality  will be restored by Monday, March 26.

• ATMs will be available during the conversion weekend and you will still be able to make deposits (where  available) and cash withdrawals at ATMs; however, ATM balance inquiries and account transfers will not  be available.
• Complete functionality will be restored to ATM networks on Monday, March 26, however, Cincinnatus branch  ATM’s will work intermittently on Monday March 26th.

Direct Deposits, Check Clearings and ACH
• Any direct deposits, social security, or ACH deposits will continue; they’ll convert to the  new system. You will not need to make adjustments to those currently in place.
• Any automatic payment (ACH origination) we have established for you, will continue as normal.
• You may use your current Cincinnatus checks as checking accounts will not change.

Loan Accounts and Payments
• Your loan structure – terms, payment amounts, due dates, and rates – will remain the same.
• Account numbers will not change.
• If you make payments with online banking, you will not have access to online banking from March 22 to March 26.

Telephone Banking
• Telephone Banking will be unavailable beginning March 23. Services will be restored Monday, March 26.
• Post-conversion, the Telephone number will change. The new number will be 833-572-4895. The first  time you call, you’ll be required to input your 10 digit account number and a temporary password (the last 4 digits of your social security number is your temporary Password). You will then be prompted to select a new password. Please listen closely to the telephone prompts when you call and you will be guided through the  process of selecting a new password
• Post-conversion, account activity prior to March 23, 2018 will be available through Telephone Banking.

Your Statements
• All Checking and Savings customers will receive an interim statement dated March 23, 2018. In April, you will receive your statement on the same cycle date as you normally would.
• Monthly, quarterly, and annual statement mailings will remain the same.
• Loan statement mailings will not change.
• Post-conversion, if you need a copy of a statement, you may request a copy by phone, email, or at any of our local branches.

ACTION NEEDED! eStatements: If you’re currently enrolled in Cincinnatus e-Statements, you will have to reenroll for eStatements in the new online banking system. Your old eStatements will not transfer to the new system. Best practice is to print out or download your last 6-12 months of eStatements.

Online and Mobile Banking
• Our new Online and Mobile Banking systems will be available on Monday, March 26. Keep in mind there will  likely be increased activity on Monday, while we do not anticipate delays your patience is appreciated.
• Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking will use the same Username and Password.
• You can complete your first time login via Online Banking or the Mobile App.

ACTION NEEDED! Current Online Banking Users LOGGING IN; The first time you log in, use your existing Username (all lowercase) and a one-time temporary password (the last 5 digits of your SSN); you’ll then be asked to create a new password (8-17 characters consisting of letters both upper and lower case, and numbers). You will be asked to accept a revised terms and conditions disclosure. During the initial login you will be required to complete a brief enrollment process in the new Online Banking layered security module to ensure the protection of your identity as a registered user of the product. Your first time log in can be completed via Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

ACTION NEEDED! MOBILE BANKING; Our new Mobile Banking app will need to be downloaded on Monday, March 26. Visit your app store and search “Cincinnatus Savings and Loan” and look for our logo. If you are a current mobile online user, select Enroll Now under the Access ID credentials, follow the above steps to complete your log-in and accept the Online Banking Terms & Conditions. You will be logged out after enrolling for Retail and will be required to login again and then accept the Mobile Terms & Conditions. (You can delete the old app.)

All bill payment accounts, payees/billers, scheduled payments and recurring payment cycle information will be transferred to the new system for you. However, you may want to download and/or print this information from the current Online Banking system (before March 22, 2018) to have a record and verify the accuracy of the information that was carried over to the new system on March 26th.
• Bill payment history will not be carried over to the new system. You may want to download and/or print any history lists you may need for tax purposes or other personal records prior to March 22nd, 2018.
• Electronic alerts in the current system will not be carried over to the new system. However initiating alerts in  the new system can easily be completed.

ACTION NEEDED! eBills cannot be carried over to the new system due to legal restrictions placed on eBill delivery by the billers. You will need to re-enroll with the biller through the new Checkfree Billpay service in order to continue to receive eBills.Typically you have to wait 1 month to receive a statement then re-enroll in the eBill service through Checkfee Billpay.


ACTION NEEDED! QuickBooks and Quicken Users You will need to modify your QuickBooks/Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Click here for more details and instructions