Schedule of Fees

Account Balancing Asst. (1/2 hr minimum)$20.00/hr
Account Research (1/2 hr minimum)$20.00/hr
Bill Pay Expedited Payment (Electronic)$10.00
Bill Pay Expedited Payment (Paper Check)$30.00
Check PrintingFee based on style of checks
Close Savings/Checking Account within 90 days of opening$20.00
Commercial Checking (Below $500.00 Min. Service fee)$10.00
Commercial Checking (monthly service fee)$10.00
Commercial Checking Non-Truncated Inclearings (per check) Non-Truncated OTC (per check)$0.15
Direct Teller Fax$2.00
Escheat Fee$50.00
Exchange Checks$2.00
Fax (local)(per page)$2.00
Fax (long distance)(per page)$5.00
Inactivity Fee Checking Account (per month)$1.00
Inactivity Fee Statement Savings (per quarter)$3.00
Inactivity Premier Investment Account (per month)$1.00
Money Orders$1.50
Notary Service (current customers only)FREE
NSF ACH$30.00
NSF Check (Insufficient Funds service fee)$30.00
Photocopies (per copy)$0.25
Premier Checking Below $1,000.00 Min. balance fee (per cycle)$10.00
Returned Item Fee$15.00
Statement Copy$2.00
Statement Savings Below $100.00 Min. balance fee (per quarter)$8.00
Stop Payments$30.00
Super Checking Below Min. balance fee (per cycle)$8.00
Sweep (per item)$5.00
Wire Transfer (in-bound) Domestic$20.00
Wire Transfer (out-bound) Domestic$20.00
Wire Transfer (out-bound) International$55.00
These ATM charges pertain to our Statement Savings & Checking Accounts
ATM Transaction - After 5 - Pulse (regional withdrawal fee)$0.75
ATM Transaction - Non Pulse (Cirrus withdrawal fee)$1.50
ATM Transaction - Pulse5 free per cycle
Replacement ATM/Checkcard$5.00

Effective as of 1/2017

*An Overdraft Item Fee or Return Item Fee may be created by checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means as applicable.